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New Ordinances Adopted

At the August 14, 2017 council approved to adopt the following new ordinances.

Vote:    Yes 7,  No 0, Abstain 0, Absent 0

ORDINANCE – 10-2017 Fairview Restriction

Ordinance – 11-2017 Medical Marijuana

ORDINANCE – 12-2017 Quality of Life

Ordinance Hearing 8/14/17

Borough Council will be holding a hearing regarding three new ordinances.

Ordinance 10-2017 Quality of Life, this ordinance address Blight, Property Maintenance, Permits and the fines attached for residents who fail to comply with the ordinances of South Greensburg.

Ordinance 11-2017 Medical Marijuana, this ordinance address where a Medical Marijuana Distribution Establishment can be established.

Ordinance 12-2017 Weight Restriction on Fairview Ave, this ordinance places a maximum weight of 20,000 lbs. on Fairview Ave from Route 119 to Reamer Ave.

This meeting will be held at 6:30pm on August 14, 2017 prior to the regular council session.



Community Picnic

The Community Picnic is scheduled for AUGUST 18, 2017.

Please make note that this is a change from the original posting, which had the date as August 11, 2017.