As we enter the Summer season, all residents and/or property owners in South Greensburg are reminded that brush, grasss or weeds cannot exceed 6 inches (Chapter 57 of the Code of Ordinances).  It is the responsibility of each property owner to trim or cut any brush, grass or weeds on their property.  Trimmings or cuttings from brush, grass or weeds must be disposed of and cannot be deposited on the public streets or alleys.  Failure to comply with this Ordinance could result in a fine of up to $600.00.


All residents and/or property owners are also reminded that all garbage must be in bags and then placed into covered containers with handles for pickup.  The gross weight of each filled container cannot exceed 60 pounds.  Oil drums or cans without handles are prohibited.  Please also adhere to the following guidelines:
> All boxes must be flattened and bundled. 
> Large brush and carpet must be bundled and cannot exceed 4 feet in length.
> Car batteries, tires, flammable materials, live ammunition or building materials will not
    be picked up.
> Items containing freon must have the freon removed prior to pickup.  After the freon has been
    removed, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer’s office at 724-837-8858 to have your item(s)
    picked up.
> Metals items will be picked up on Fridays, upon notice to the Secretary-Treasurer’s office at
> Paper items can be recycled and placed into the large green containers at the Maintenance 
    Building, 1815 Broad Street Extension.


Municipal Building

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