South Greensburg Borough Council, acting upon a recommendation of the Fire Department, has decided to eliminate and disconnect the traditional fire alarm boxes that currently are attached to telephone and other utility poles throughout the Borough.

Historically, as you know, these so-called “street boxes” were the primary manner by which fire and other emergencies were communicated to the Fire Department.  Over time, however, with the implementation of the 911 system as well as the prevalence of cell phones and land lines, the street boxes have become obsolete.  Also, many of them are in disrepair.  Not only would they be prohibitively expensive to replace even if they weren’t obsolete, but also they present a false sense of security. 

For these reasons, the Borough will disconnect and remove the street boxes effective July 31, 2010.  This action will coincide with the retiring of the call box alarm system previously used by local businesses.  Those call boxes also are obsolete, as businesses now are required to arrange for remote electronic monitoring service for insurance and other  reasons.

We have been assured that these changes will have no impact on the fire protection services currently provided to you.

After July 31, 2010, in the event of a fire or other emergency, please dial 911.