Fire Department

Fire Truck 2   The South Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1901 to protect the residents and businesses of South Greensburg.  The department has come a long way, from horse drawn carts, to state of the art fire apparatus. South Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department currently has 30 active members and 3 trucks.  The Engine is a 2008 Sutphen Monrach Series Pumper.  This truck is called out first on all house fires.  The Rescue Truck is a 1994 American LaFrance Century 200 Series (pictured at left).  This truck is called out first on all wrecks and physical rescues.  The Squad Truck is a 2005 Freightliner built by Swab.  This truck is called out first on all medical calls, flooding, downed trees and miscellaneous public service calls. Fire Department members constantly strive to better themselves through training.  New members interested in joining are always welcome.

In accordance with Ordinance 83 Fire Prevention – Rapid Entry Key Box Systems.  Follow the link on the home page, to be directed to the recommended site to purchase the Box Systems required by the Borough of South Greensburg.  Once the Box is ordered and installed, please contact the Fire Chief for registration and key delivery.



President Tom Grim
Vice President Jamie Bartley
Recording Secretary Jim Bold
Financial Secretary Bill Smith
Treasurer Tom Bishop
Fire Chief Eric Hardy
Deputy Chief Bill Smith
2nd Asst. Chief Jim Bold
Engine Captain Zach Bell
Rescue Captain Jared Stone
1st Lieutenant Jeff Bush
2nd Lieutenant Jamie Bartley













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