An Ordinance is a local law of general or permanent nature.  As a local law, an Ordinance stands until it is amended or repealed by another Ordinance enacted by a later Borough Council.  Penalties, which can be enforced in court, may be attached for failure to obey Ordinances.

All Ordinances must be passed by Borough Council by majority vote.  If approved, an Ordinance is then presented to the Mayor for his/her approval or veto.  The Mayor may then sign the Ordinance, let it become effective without signing it after 10 days, or veto it and return it to Borough Council with his/her objections.  Borough Council then has 10 days to override the veto and approve the Ordinance by a 2/3 vote.


To download a summary of the most common Ordinances, click on the links below:

Summary of Ordinance Regulations
Ordinance Reminders

To file a formal complaint about an Ordinance violation, click on the link below:

Ordinance Complaint Form

2019 Ordinances:

ORDINANCE 2017-12     Quality of life Ordinance/ticket process

ORDINANCE -7-2018/2019 Tax Rate

Ordinance 1-2019 Garbage truck purchase

To download any or all of the borough Ordinances, click on the links below:

Section I – pp. 1 – 217    Intro/Index to Chap. 103 Junk Yards


Adoption of Code. Sec 1

Chapter 7 Auditor

Chapter 17 Fireman’s Relief Association

Chapter 22 Inter-municipal Agreements

Chapter 24 Investment Trust

Chapter 33 Officers and Employees

Chapter 35 Pensions

Chapter 39  Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 42 Sewage Authority

Chapter 44 Shade Tree

Chapter 51 Amusement/Amusement Devices

Chapter 53 Animals

Chapter 57 Brush, Grass, & Weeds

Chapter 61 Building Construction

Chapter 64 Burning, Outdoor

Chapter 69  Public Entertainment

Chapter 71  Curfews for Minors

Chapter 72 Erosion and Sediment Control

Chapter 76  Firearms and Weapons

Chapter 78 Fire Insurance Escrow

Chapter 79  Fire Prevention

Chapter 82  Fire Suppression Systems

Chapter 83  Fire Prevention Rapid Entry Key Box Systems

Chapter 86  Flood Control

Chapter 89 Gargage and Yard Sale Regulations

Chapter 90 Garage, Rubbish and Refuse

Chapter 93 Gasoline Stations

Chapter 97 Heating Equipment

Chapter 103 Junkyards

Section II – pp. 218 – 561  Chap. 108 Littering – Chap 156 Vehicles, Abandoned & Junked


Chapter 108 Littering

Chapter 112 Massage Parlors

Chapter 114 Mobile Homes

Chapter 117 Obscenities

CHAPTER 120 Parks and Recreation

Chapter 122 Peddling and Soliciting

Chapter 125 Property Maintenance

Chapter 130 Rental Properties

Chapter 135 Sewers

Chapter 138 Smoke Detectors

Chapter 141 Snow and Ice Removal

Chapter 142 Solid Waste

Chapter 143 Storm Water Management

Chapter 144 Streets and Sidewalks

CHAPTER 149 Taxation

CHAPTER 149 Taxation

Chapter 156 Vehicles, Abandoned and Junk

Section III – pp. 562 -702 Chap. 159 Vehicles & Traffic – Chap. 163 Zoning

FINAL – Ordinance Book SEC 3.docx

Chapter 159 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 163 Zoning