Mayor Kevin Fajt
Term Ends 1/2/2026
Phone:  724-837-8858


Under Pennsylvania’s Borough Code, The Mayor has important powers and duties and is also in a unique position to exercise leadership in the community becuase of the prestige of the office and its elected status.  The Borough Code states the Mayor is to preserve order in the Borough, enforce the Ordinances and Resolutions, remove nuisances, exact a faithful performance of the duties of the officers appointed and perform such other duties assigned by law or Ordinance.  The Mayor’s chief responsibility is control over the day-to-day operations of the Police Department.  The Mayor attends Borough Council meetings and reports on the activities of the Police Department.  The Mayor only has a vote in the case of a tie to enable Council to take action.  Every Ordinance or Resolution of a legislative nature must be presented to the Mayor for approval.  With the Mayor’s signature, an Ordinance or Resolution becomes law.  If the Mayor vetoes an Ordinance or Resolution, Borough Council can override that veto by a two-thirds vote.  Also, under Pennsylvania’s Marriage Law, the Mayor is authorized to solemnize marriages.