Public Comment Policy


1.  Anyone wishing to speak to Council is asked to stand and give their name and address for the record.  The Council President may then call on those people when the Agenda indicates Recognition of Visitors.  At that time, each person will be given time to speak, not to exceed five (5) minutes.

 2.  No one may speak to Council more than once during the time of visitor recognition.

3.  If a group (with the same concern) wishes to address Council, they must choose one or two spokesperson(s) to represent them.

4.  Council expects proper decorum from individuals speaking, as well as those in the audience.  Profanity, name calling and threats will not be tolerated.  If that is not forthcoming at all times, the Council President will then take whatever measures he/she deems necessary, including clearing the meeting room of all people present not having specific business with Council.

Adopted:  February 13, 2012