Borough Hours 11/8/18

The borough building will be having electrical work done on  11/8/18.  We may not be able to answer the phones and the office will reopen at noon.

Thank you for your understanding.

Flooding Concerns

If you have had significant damage from the recent flooding please contact our Emergency Management Coordinator  Ralph at 724-516-9002.


Park Commission Opening

There is an opening for one person on the South Greensburg Park Commission.  Interested candidates can apply by sending a letter of interest to the Borough office by September 3, 2018.

Water Diversion


As per Chapter 125 of Borough Code, amended by the Quality of Life Ordinance 12-2018

  1. Water Diversion.

            (1) No person shall cause water collected in a gutter or gutter system to be deposited onto the public right of way.


           (2) No person shall cause a pump, whether a sump pump or otherwise, to deposit water  onto the public rights of way.


           (3) No person shall cause for ground water, storm water, waste water or any other source of water to be deposited onto the public rights of way.


This means drainage pipes CAN NOT empty onto sidewalks or streets from ANY residence or business.

Self contained drainage ditches must be placed on the property to collect water from rain/snow/ ice  and sump pumps.

This Ordinance will strongly be enforced in the near future, please make your home compliant.



Bag Off-Street Dumpsters

Residents, All dumpster require permits in the Borough.

Permit are obtained at the Borough Office, prior to placement of the dumpster.

Notice must be made as to placement of the dumpster and permits are required regardless where they are placed.

Permits are valid for 30 days and cost $25.00

This permit is non-transferrable and is required as per Chapter 142 of Borough Code.


Community Yard Sale This Saturday June 2nd.

The Community Yard Sale is fast approaching, the following is a list of homes participating in this years event.   Please visit them, remember one man’s trash, is another’s treasure!!!!!!!!

1112 Acorn Drive

1236 Ashland Street

1410 Ashland Street

1412 Ashland Street

1511 Ashland Street

1428 Broad Street

1538 Broad Street Apt #2

1626 Broad Street

410 Coulter Avenue

602 Coulter Avenue

1205 Elm Street

1214 Elm Street

1222 Elm Street

1235 Elm Street

1409 Elm Street

707 Jamison Avenue

1729 Jefferson Street

1424 Oak Street

47 Overview Drive

49 Overview Drive

50 Overview Drive

107 Overview Drive

110 Overview Drive

112 Overview Drive

114 Overview Drive

1507  Pine Street

1203 Poplar Street

1206 Poplar Street

1313 Poplar Street

1424 Poplar Street

1438 Poplar Street

1511 Poplar Street

1515 Poplar Street – Civic Club Vendor and Yard Sale

314 Reamer Avenue

620 Sheridan Avenue

The Recreation Committee will also be selling Hoagies to support the playground fund…look for them around town.

Lynns Franks Mobile Catering will be set up at the corner of Poplar and Jamison..from 830am-3pm, selling a variety of “Signature Dogs”, along with Jumbo Beef Dogs, Nacho’s, Kielbasa and Hot Sausage….