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Community Picnic

The Community Picnic is scheduled for AUGUST 18, 2017.

Please make note that this is a change from the original posting, which had the date as August 11, 2017.



As part of Borough Council’s recodification project below are the first set of new and revised ordinances that were adopted by council at the

regular meeting on 7.10.17.

Portions of these ordinances will be added to the borough code list once the process is complete.

Please be aware that any changes made by the newly adopted ordinances take the  place of any ordinance already displayed in the borough code and on the borough website, such changes are noted by chapter and section numbers.

When reviewing an ordinance always refer to the date to determine which ordinance holds the most accurate context.

Weight Restriction on Huff Avenue

Ordinance – Vacant Property

Ordinance – Street Opening Permit

Ordinance – Sidewalks

Ordinance – Fee Consolidation

Ordinance – Parking

Ordinance – Animals

Oak Street – One Way


Input from the public is being requested by the Park Commission….

The Park Commission will be holding a public meeting on August 1, 2017 from 6-8pm.

Huff Pavilion in the Park.

The Park Commission, along with a professional park planner will be there to discuss the long term viability, improvement and use of the park grounds.

Public input is requested for help in developing the long-range plan.



Resident Survey

During the election held on May 16, 2017

Borough Council asked residents to complete a survey to help gauge the areas that are of most concern to the Borough’s Residents.

We are asking for your continued help in getting as much residential input as possible.

The following link will direct you to the survey.

We ask that you complete the survey and return it either in person or via mail to the Borough Office, 1515 Poplar St.

Please remember the survey is to be confidential so please do not place your name on the survey.

Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!

SURVEY  5.8.17


The Community Yard Sale is June 3rd.

All residents are encouraged to participate…Applications can be picked up at the borough office.

Fee to participate is $5.00

Below is the list of homes set to participate:

1437 Ashland St.

410 Coulter Ave

1601 Elm St.

1313 Poplar St.

1426 Broad St.

29 Overview Dr.

108 Overview Dr.

1631 Poplar St.

1179 Cedar St.

1432 Oak St.

1800 Washington St.

410 Coulter Ave.

109 Overview Dr.

1534 Poplar St.

101 Overview Dr.

47 Overview Dr.

1504 Pine St.

1501 Ashland St.

37 Overview Dr.

1511 Ashland Dr.

1414 Ashland Dr.

1600 Elm St.

1509 Oak St.

1334 Poplar St.

1112 Acorn Dr.

620 Sheridan Ave.

1066 Broad St.

1618 Elm St.

1151 Acorn Dr.

1431 Elm St.

307 Huff Ave.

1222 Elm St.

1033 Broad St.

1528 Pine St.

50 Overview Dr.

227 Short St.

1532 Poplar St.

1401 Broad St.

1182 Cedar St.

112 Overview Dr.

1511 Poplar St.

1406 Elm St. Apt 2

411 Sheridan Ave.

1540 Parr St.


Lets keep this list growing and get rid of some stuff cluttering up your house.

Remember “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – English Proverb


Community Garage Sale

The Community Garage Sale will be held on Saturday June 3, 2017.

All households participating are required to obtain a Garage Sale permit.

The fee is $5.00

Permits can be found at the link below.

Permits are not valid unless signed by the Secretary, please return form and payment to the Borough Office for signature.

Garage Sale Permit 0037


Seeking Borough Solicitor

The Borough of South Greensburg is accepting letters of interest for the position of Borough Solicitor.

Interested parties must have prior Borough Solicitor experience and be available for Council Meeting the first two Mondays of every month.

Please send letters of interest, resume and salary requirements to:

Borough of South Greensburg

Attn: Michele Dusch

1515 Poplar St.

S. Greensburg, Pa 15601


Open Council Seat

A seat is open on Borough Council.  Term expires 12-31-2017.  Any interested Borough Resident should send a letter of interest to:

South Greensburg Council

1515 Poplar St.

S. Greensburg, Pa 15601

Letters of Interest must be received at Council Chambers by Friday April 28, 2017



Playground Supervisor Wanted

South Greensburg Borough is accepting Letters of Interest for the position of Playground Supervisor.

Please Submit Letter of Interest to:

South Greensburg Recreation Program

1515 Poplar St.

Greensburg, Pa 15601


Park Clean Up Day!!!!!!!!

South Greensburg Community Park Clean Up day is Saturday April 8, 2017 from 9am – 2pm.

Please come out and help us keep your park clean and safe.